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Here's a short list of our newest items and updates, including Board Meetings, Officer Elections, FRCC Joins 537, and Video Snipets.

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Our Districts

The Districts we represent in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland

Our Districts:

Bel Air

Economy Borough



North Versailles





Kittanning Suburban


Northern Districts

Scranton FRCC

Washington-East Wash.



Manor Township

New Castle



Western Allegheny Co.




North Strabane



Wilkes-Barre Scranton

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Local 537, constantly leads the way!.

Workplace Safety

It's Everyone's Responsibility!

You have the power to stay safe.


Our Focus On Safety

One of the top priorities that Local 537 has as a union is looking out for your health and safety. If you work in an unsafe condition or manner, you are much more likely to be injured on the job. All the benefits in the world don’t matter to an employee that cannot work or enjoy them. Local 537 officers work closely with employers to address any concerns over health and safety that our members have. Local 537 System Officers are currently working with Pennsylvania-American Water Company to address the escalating soft tissue incidents that are occurring. We believe that they can be prevented, and we are committed to partner with any employer that wishes to take the lead in creating a safer and healthier work environment for our members. (Pittsburgh employees sign huge Safety Charter)

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Your Focus On Safety

You, as an employee and union member, are the one most responsible for your safety while at work. No one can make you work in an environment that is unsafe. If you believe a condition poses a hazard to your health and/or safety, you should immediately take action to address your concerns. Many things can contribute to an unsafe working condition, and your surroundings and environment can change rapidly. You need to be aware of changing conditions and how they affect your work area.

Where We Are

Size does matter, and we get things done right!

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Water, Wastewater, and Municipal Works

Our members protect and maintain services required for life!

We maintain and protect their benefits and wages and job security.

Quick Links

A few of the most popular links we have.

Contact Hours, News Alerts, and Union Gear.

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DEP Contact Hours

Many of our members maintain licenses that are specific, and required to perform the jobs they do in the water and wastewater field. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Environmental Protection maintains a history of your contact hours. You can search by current cycle, or several other ranges. This link will take you away from Local 537.


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News Alerts

Occasionally, the Local 537 News Alert team will send out a message. Get it on your phone, tablet, or computer. It will contain useful, late-breaking, and relevant information. They do not come on a regular basis, but only when necessary. Please use this link to sign up for it. We do not sell, trade, or share your email address. You can always opt out if you like at any time.


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Union Gear

Here’s the link for some of the most popular and requested union Gear. We have hard hat decals, window clings, tee shirts, sweat shirts, and hats. All made in the USA!


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